GraphicsRCA: RCA Design Start-ups and Book Launch

Panellists: Kirsty Carter (A Practice for Everyday Life), Philip Carter (Carter Wong), Erwan Lhuissier and Valerio Di Lucente and Hugo Timm – not in shot – (Julia).

Tonight I attended a panel presentation and discussion ‘RCA Design Start-ups + Book Launch’ as part of the ongoing exhibition of Graphics RCA: Fifty Years Exhibition of Graphic Design Royal College of Art.

The theme of graphic design start-ups explored the ongoing success of RCA graduates who form collectives either while studying or upon graduation.

Phil Carter of Carter Wong showed us their logo for Formula One, and discussed their passion for craft.

Kirsty Carter from A Practice for Everyday Life (APFEL) met Emma Thomas while at the RCA. Kirsty told us that while studying together they made a shrewd business move, they designed a catalogue for the Goldsmiths Curating Course, whose graduates became clients of APFEL. This vital aspect of being proactive while enroled in post-graduate study, was emphasised by Erwan Lhuissier from Julia.

Julia ‘cares about’ the work they do. When asked about how they were able to make a living when starting out, they replied ‘we got through the first four years because we didn’t know what we were getting into’. ‘It leaves physical marks’ said Valerio, and an array of changing hairstyles it would appear.

Adrian Shaughnessey ended the discussion with a lackluster promotion for the book that accompanies the exhibition.

There was nothing revelatory here in terms of how these design groups were formed. Maybe next weeks discussion on ‘What is Graphic Design and Who is it for?’ will be less warm and fuzzy?


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