Malcolm Garrett at Campfire


Buzzcoks, Orgasm Addict, single cover, 1977, designed by Malcolm Garrett, collage created by Linder Sterling

Tonight I attended a ‘campfire talk‘ by Malcolm Garrett. The talk took the format of an interview where we learned that Garrett has little time for nostalgia, especially in regard to the 12 inch sleeve.


Cover for the Pop Art exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, 1991. Designed by Malcolm Garrett.

I’ve been aware of Malcolm’s work for many years, and I’ve always admired this Pop Art catalogue he designed in 1991. He’s always been something of an enigma to me, simply because his name has been in and out of design discourse since the Buzzcocks, so tonight it was interesting to get to know more about his design methodologies. Above all he seems like a really decent man, and not at all egotistical.

Currently Malcolm’s mission is to make design more integral to the secondary school curriculum and raise awareness of design’s pervasiveness in everyday life. Like Malcolm I only became aware of design at sixteen years old, having decided that A-Levels were not for me, I had to choose a subject at my local FE college. Design is such a fundamental aspect of our lives, that it does seem short-sighted that successive governments have done little to embed the subject in mainstream compulsory education. If anyone can champion design then Malcolm has the credentials and the passion to carry it forward.


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