Beginning to filter the magazines I wish to include in my research

After I left Ela and Jim I made my way to Hoxton Square to KK Outlet to pick up a copy of Manzine and by chance I came across probably the only three remaining copies of The Gentlewoman, which had completely sold out in most West-end outlets including R D Franks.

I then went to Central Saint Martins library where I picked up two books ‘Issues: New Magazine Design‘ by Jeremy Leslie, if you click on the link and read the Eye review I agree with the sentiments, and not sure that it will be useful for my needs, however I intend to locate ‘Magculture: New Magazine Design‘ also by Leslie as this may prove more rewarding. It’s important to state that my main focus is not on magazine design, but on their content, language, voice, position and who they are talking to, but design does play a role in this and looking at how designers give form to the words is warranted. I also borrowed  ‘200 Trips from the Counterculture: Graphics and Stories from the Underground Press Syndicate‘ by Jean-François Bizot. This is more useful as it provides an archive of the 1960s underground press including titles that interest me including: International Times (IT) and Oz.

Gay’s The Word is a fantastic bookshop, I had a long chat with Jim the manager. I bought the following magazines: Out; Winq; and Kaiserin: A magazine for boys with problems.

I made my way to RD Franks and bought: Attitude; Another Man; Man About Town which reminded me of the Australian Blue magazine that was launched in 1995, I bought issues one and two back then and they were quite expensive if I remember correctly.

Last week I bought Fantastic Man and the latest issue of BUTT. I think these two and The Gentlewoman (the sister magazine to Fantastic Man) will be the main focus of the major project as the come from the same publishers: Gert Jonkers and Jop Van Bennekom for Top Publishers BV.

This weekend its more blogging, and reading Foucault and Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick.


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